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In the game of Valorant, the players are allowed to join with Discord to get a better server. Of course, it is not totally wrong if you try looking for the Valorant server in Discord. However, Discord is a great platform that you have to use to play Valorant. Then, how to get the Valorant Discord server?

However, it is so easy to find the Valorant Discord Server. If you search the Valorant Discord Server on your browser, you definitely can get many results. Indeed, there are a dozen of Valoran servers that you can find in Discord. For recent times, Dicords has become the most useful platform which really gives benefits for many gamers. Why?

The Discord server is a great way to find a lot of hot topics and like-minded players. Besides, you can also get the other competitive players to practice with or get the pro-players gameplay to increase your skill.

Through Discord, it makes the players easier to find other players to discuss about Valorant. In Discord server, you totally can have various topics such as looking for the group, scrims, skins, trading, clan recruitments and many more. It means that the Discord can bridge the players to get one goal in Valorant.

Are you interested in joining Valorant Discord Server?

Top 5 Valorant Discord Servers

Of course, before you decide to join one of Valorant Server in Discord, it is better for you to find the recommended one. So, we are here to give you a list of recommended Valorant Servers that you can find on Discord.

1 – Valorant Server

This is an official Valorant server that you can find in Discord. This official server has more than 391K members within. You totally can join with this server by accessing this link: Then, you have to click Accept Invite. You automatically will be directed into a server. But, if you want to access this server, you need to select your region first at the bottom of the room to get permission on this server.

2 – Valorant Pro

The second Valorant Server in Discord is Valorant Pro. This group has more than 40K members within with 76 emotes. There are top bots that you can find on this server, they are MEE6, Dyno and Valorant Wiki. By joining this server, you can get any topics about Valorant Competitive players, esports and pro activities. Join with this server at

3 – FFR Community – Multigaming

You can also join this Valorant server in Discord. This group has more than 72K members within 136 emotes. There are bots in this server, they are Koya, MEE6 and TheNinja2. Join with this server at

4 – Myst Tournament

If you do not want to select your region first, this server may be good for you. This server is available for all regions and all platform. It has more than 32K members with 117 emotes within. The bots in this server are Dyno, LoggerBot and GiveawayBot. Join with this server at

5 – Valorant RU community

This is the last recommended Valorant server. It has more than 30K members with 166 emotes within this server. Join with this valorant server at

Those are the top 5 Valorant Discord servers that you can choose. Make sure you choose the right server.

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