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Are you interested in having Dragon skin in Valorant? What makes the Dragon skins so reliable to have? Then, how to get the Dragon skin in Valorant?

Of course, we can find many weapon skins available in Valorant with each visual. However, each skin really presents its own uniqueness and supremacy. Then, the visual of the skin will draw you to purchase it.

In Valorant, you will find the weapon skin in Dragon look. Indeed, this kind of weapon skin is sought after by many Valorant players. However, if we see this Dragon skin, this skin is really cool but epic skin in Valorant.

Today, the Dragon skin is well-known with Elderflame skin. At the beginning, the Dragon is a skin line which has been close to players’ hearts as far back as 2015. Indeed, it is a proof to the players’ love of Valorant. The Dragon weapon skin is such a big dream of what a skin that they really want to have in Valorant.

How does the Dragon skin work in Valorant?

As the weapon skin, the Elderflame skin will allow the players to wield the powers of a dragon by giving any their weapons with this skin. Moreover, this dragon skin does not only turn guns into handled dragons, but it also can be upgraded to get better performance. Certainly, each upgrade will give the gorgeous effect that brings the skin to have the firing fast speed and damage of the weapons.

How to unlock the Dragon skin in Valorant?

Of course, to unlock this Dragon skin in Valorant, you should make a purchase in the in-game store. You can also use both of money and Valorant points to buy this Dragon skin. So, that’s why the Valorant point is really important to get. You eventually can purchase this Dragon skin with the Valorant points if the players do not want to spend money for it.

What is the price of Dragon skin in Valorant?

The Dragon skin costs about 9,900 VP or $90. The skin is now officially available in-game at the Valorant store. As we explained above, the Dragon skin can be upgraded several times each for 10-15 Radianite points.

In addition, the Dragon skin is available for the Vandal, Knife, Operator, Frenzy Weapons and Judge. Of course, each one has up to four levels of upgrades. Surprisingly! Each weapon with this Dragon skin will have fabulous animations as if it is truly a tiny dragon in the character’s hand.

The concept and model of Dragon skin

For Operator, Frenzy and Judges, the artist Denis Lakhanov designed this visual with their own unique personalities which come to life through all of their components to work together. In this case, the Judge was the brute of the bunch in which all of the concepts represented like they could fit his temperament.

Then, Marino started to design Vandal with a 3D model to ensure it felt badass.

Unfortunately, there is a controversy in which the Dragon skin will be removed from sale later today. So, it is your turn to spend more money if you really desire to have this Dragon skin. The price of this Dragon skin probably will rise.

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