Valorant Game Shard Change

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The developer called Riot Games has always allowed players to change regions in League of Legends. For those who wanted your main account to transfer to Japan, all you would have to do is pay 2,600 Riot Points.

Aside from that, they also have allowed players from the other regions to make an account for wherever they want from the start. For instance, if you live in Europe, you could make a North American account and play in Na. It may cause some lag problems depending on your location, but Riot Games has always allowed you to play wherever you want. However, this rule is not extending to Valorant region shards in the closed beta.

Even though this has not been officially announced, Valorant support confirmed that you are not allowed to change your region shard freely. What do you feel about it? For those who want to know more, do not forget to finish reading this article.

Apparently, your region is determined by where you are currently living regardless of where your Riot Games account is registered to. For instance, if you are currently living in Europe and have an NA League of Legends account, your region for the game called Valorant will be EU. It can cause errors for those who have friends playing in a different region. According to Valorant support, they are not able to change your region if it is not where you are currently located. However, if your region was selected incorrectly by mistake, they are able to change it.

In addition, if your region was selected by mistake, Riot Games will need to reset your account in order to change it back to the region you live in. Any progress made with an agent will disappear, although purchases made with real money will be retained. For those who play Legends of Runeterra on the same account to play Valorant on, you may be unable to buy Coins. However, the account of Legends of Legends seemingly will not be affected by the region change.

For the closed beta at least, Riot Games has decided to limit players to their current region for Valorant. Each player who wants to play with friends in a different region are seemingly out of luck for now. They only think a workaround for this is to have a player in the region you want to make an account and get a code for you, which would be challenging, especially since the developer has been banning accounts for sale on the internet.

For more information about Valorant game shard change, it is better for you to visit the official website of Riot Games. As the site owned by the developer of the game, it is surely the best source of information. Aside from that, you can also visit the community of the game called Valorant. This one is the place where the members of the community usually talk about everything related to Valorant, including about Valorant game shard change.

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