Valorant HUD Disappeared Fix

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On June 2, 2020, the Valorant game was fully released, for Microsoft Windows, by no one other than Riot Games. Before that, it was in closed beta with limited access. Valorant is no doubt quite fun to play, but as it is in an early stage, players are facing many bugs and issues. After a game update, there is an issue about the Valorant Health bar and ability HUD got disappeared.

In order to fix the issue of the Valorant Health bar and ability HUD got disappeared, you need to go through certain steps. These following methods are suggested by a Reddit user and worked for some people.

  1. Change display mode to Windowed Fullscreen

There are three display modes in the game named Valorant. You need to switch to Windowed Fullscreen. To do it, the first thing that you have to do is to press the Esc key to open the left side menu and then click on Settings. Then, click on Video. In the Display mode, you need to select Windows Fullscreen and click on Apply.

  1. Start a Custom Game

After changing the display mode to Windowed Fullscreen, you need to start a custom game and head into it alone. First of all, click on Play > Custom Game. Then, click on start. When the Teams are not full notice appear, you need to click on Start Match. By doing the step, the game will get started and you can just pick your Agent. If still, the Valorant Health bar and ability HUD got disappeared then follow the next instructions.

  1. Close Custom Game and Restart Game

For some people, closing the game from the Task Manager fixed the issue. You just have to close the game completely. And once the game gets restarted, the issue will get fixed. To do it, press Esc key, click on Valorant icon from the top left corner. After that, click on Exit to Desktop. As the alternative method, you need to make sure the game is completely closed. Remember to not open Task Manager (Press Windows + X, and from WinX menu, click on Task Manager). Then, click on Processes and look for the game process. In case Valorant or Riot Launcher is running, then right click on it and end the process.

That’s all the process, start Valorant game and this time do play a normal one. The Valorant Health bar and ability HUD should be showing. If still not, then re-installing the game might be the last method that you can choose. A lot of players already have addressed this problem with game developers. Let’s just hope Valorant gives a bug fix update.

In order to get the newest information related to Valorant, it is better for you to visit the official website of Riot Games regularly, as well as follow their social media accounts. Another recommended thing to do is to visit the community of Valorant, the place where the players of the game called Valorant usually gather.

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