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One of the most exciting things of Valorant that has drawn the attention of players is the variety of skins that players are able to get for the different weapons in the first-person shooter. The developer of the game (Riot Games), has already added a plethora of cosmetic items to the closed beta of the title. There are surely a lot of more kinds of these cosmetics ready to be added to the game in the future, which was made clear when the Hypebeast skins bundle was leaked. Now, a lot of players are nervous waiting to see when these Hypebeast skins are added to the game.

The Valorant Hypebeast bundle is not currently available in the tactical shooter and has not been made available in the past for the closed beta of the title. However, the community of the game was made aware of their existence when the member of the community named Santa Ricky leaked the items of the bundle for the game through a massive data mining effort.

How much does it cost for the Valorant Hypebeast bundle? The official price for the Valorant Hypebeast bundle is not known. The past bundles for the game have cost 4,375 pieces of currency, so there is a high change that the Valorant Hypebeast bundle will cost a similar amount for those who are waiting to add it to their collection. One of the most exciting things about it is that it includes an ax. It would be the first time that a melee weapon other than a knife has been made available for players to use when playing. It seems like it is the reason behind Riot Games has classified the knives as melee weapons instead of only saying knives meaning the community could see the other types of melee weapons in the future in addition to the ax in the Valorant Hypebeast bundle.

If you want to get the update of the information regarding when the Valorant Hypebeast bundle is added to the game and how much does it cost when it is made available, please check the official website of Riot Games regularly and follow the social media accounts of the developer. Aside from that, you are also encouraged to visit the community of Valorant in order to get the latest information that is usually shared by the members of the community. There is a chance that the Valorant Hypebeast bundle will not be made available during the closed beta of the game and will be put in the in-game store of the title following its official launch in Summer 2020.

A lot of players of the game named Valorant are surely excited to show off the sleek purple, gold, and black color scheme of the Valorant Hypebeast bundle when they are playing and collecting their best highlights. Some people think that the Valorant Hypebeast bundle has the very best cosmetic items that Riot Games has created for Valorant so far and will be a massive hit in the community.

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