Valorant if You See This Message Frequently You May Need to Update Your Drivers

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When you are playing Valorant and you see the message frequently, you may need to update your drivers. For those who encounter this issue, we have an unfortunate news. This error is one of the lest well defined errors, and even the developer of the game, Riot Games, themselves only lists a long series of potential solutions. The general thing is that another program may be interfering with Valorant.

The recommended steps by Riot Games to fix the issue are to make sure all other unnecessary programs are closed before running the game again. Then, check Task Manager in order to see what else is working in the background. If that does not work, you can try to update or reinstall your graphics card drivers.

For those who have an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, you definitely want to keep to keep the drivers updated. New releases usually include performance enhancements for new games, or solutions for issues caused by Windows updates.

There used to be a thing named NVIDIA Update that is able to be found in the NVIDIA control panel, but with the advent of GeForce Experience, that option has been removed. The NVIDIA control panel is still install automatically when you set the driver of NVIDIA, but you will have to update the drivers through GeForce Experience or manually download the driver from the website of NVIDIA.

If you want to update from the GeForce Experience launcher, log in, click on the Drivers tab at the top left, and click Check for Updates on the right. If you do not like the idea of logging into the GeForce Experience each time you have to install the driver update, you can go to the driver page of NVIDIA to manually download the newest available driver version.

For those who have AMD drivers, this information is for you. Just like NVIDIA drivers, AMD graphics drivers are supposed to automatically check for updates in the background and give you an alert when anything is available. Here is how to check for an update and install it manually. The first thing that you have to do is to right click on the Windows desktop and choose AMD Radeon settings from the menu. then, click the Updates button located at the bottom left of the window. After that, click the Check for Updates box. If there is an update available, you will see all the available versions. Sometimes, AMD releases the optional updates for those who want the newest and greatest, but most people need to stick to the Recommended drivers. Please click Recommended and then select Express upgrade. In case you cannot get the Radeon Settings to appear at all, something may be corrupted with your drivers. In order to solve that, you can just go to the support website of AMD and download the appropriate drivers for your graphics card. A fresh install should fix the issue that you may be experiencing.

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