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Just like any other shooter game, having a good kill death ratio is really vital in the game called Valorant. Even though it is somewhat role dependent when it comes to competitive play, if you have a dream to rise through the ranks in solo matchmaking, you need a good KD ratio to be able to carry as well as being a useful teammate.

Improving the kill death ratio is not easy but if you are committed, you can invest the time and take the game seriously. Here are five tips that you can try to increase the kill count:

  1. Know what every Agent does

There are 10 Agents, each of them is equipped with a range of abilities aimed to help players take objectives. The abilities are not overly complicated and there are only 10 of them in comparison to the 148 in League.

  1. Find the best crosshair and sens

For those who are already seasoned players in the other games, you can use a sens converter to find what sensitivity your mouse should be in Valorant.

  1. Learn recoil and spray patterns

Please take time to go through every weapon in the practice range and get used to the recoil and find out what the spray patterns are.

  1. Aim train

This one is the most important thing to do if you want to see consistent and drastic improvement to your kill death ratio over time.

  1. Learn from the pros

Valorant might be still in its beta phase, but there are plenty of pros from the other esports games that have hopped on the new FPS of Riot Games and plenty of them have already developed their own strategies when it comes to finding creative methods to secure rounds.

Playing Valroant and put in the hours to grind is important. Another important thing is to make sure you watch the other players and find inspiration in how they approach the game. One of the best platforms to use is Youtube.

In Youtube, you are able to find a lot of videos. One of the most interesting ones is a video by Cosmic Turtle entitled Valorant Best Moment – Legendary Kills Montage Valorant Highlights #2. This one was uploaded on June 14, 2020. Since the first time its release, it has only gained 93 views and 13 likes. Although it has a low view, it is really nice. You can go to his channel and watch the video by yourself.

For those who are not familiar, Cosmic Turtle is the name of a channel on the popular platform called Youtube. This one is where he shares Valorant Highlights videos. For those who are interested in the game called Valorant and you like to watch videos about the game, this channel is for you. There are currently three videos related to Valorant. Aside from the Valorant Best Moment – Legendary Kills Montage Valorant Highlights #2 video, you are able to find Valorant Best Moment – Epic Aces Compilation and Valorant Best Moment – Fantastic Plays Montage.

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