Valorant Network Problem – How to Fix

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Network problems, Lags, Match Drop, Game Crash, etc are common online multiplayer errors in games like Valorant. Due to high server load the players who are trying to connect from distant regions get kicked off automatically. It may occur during the match or when you are trying to connect online. So, how to fix that problem?

To fix the Valorant Network Problem, you are going to have to start with basic troubleshooting. Like fixing your internet connection, disconnecting unnecessary devices from the router,  placing your router near to your PC if you are playing on Wifi, etc. Usually, a Valorant network problem appears when your system is unable to communicate with the Valorant server.  You have to note that the more optimized your game plus good internet connectivity, so the fewer problems you are going to face.


  • You are able to recheck your internet connection. It is always the best idea to double sure the most basic stuff first before moving on to complex solutions
  • Please hang in there. There are millions of players who are playing Valorant at any given second. These multiplayer games are hosted on Server that can get busy. In this case, we suggest you wait for it a few minutes if you cannot seem to connect the issue may get resolved on its own.
  • You are able to restart the PC. A quick reboot is able to fix some generic network issues indeed.
  • You will be able to restart your Router. If you are using a WiFi router, it is considered a wise choice to restart it as it may fix some of the issues related to the router itself.
  • You are able to lodge a Complaint. If nothing seems to be working out, so you are able to lodge a complaint on the Riot Games Support page.

Also, you are able to run the following checks on the computer:

  • Check your computer Firewall settings. Sometimes, recommend Windows Firewall settings block the game from connecting to the network. It is recommended that you put Valorant on the whitelist so that it does not get blocked by Firewall.
  • You have to try fixing the Vanguard. In this step, you are able to go to the control panel. Then, uninstall a program (Windows 7)/Add or remove programs (Windows 10). After that, you are able to search for riot Van Guard and uninstall it. You can also try re-launching Valorant. Later, it is going to say that Vanguard is missing, and will permit you to reboot the computer.

After rebooting, you are going to be able to play Valorant just like before. If this case does not seem to work, so you have to try checking your windows defender and security. It should not be blocking the Vanguard anti-cheating program. Do not forget to turn off that too, and you are good to go. We hope this solution can help you to fix Network Problem error in Valorant.

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