Valorant Noob Vs Pro Beginner Tips

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Valorant is the name of a competitive shooter that has a hard learning curve. For the noobs, this one is not the easiest shooter in the genre. You need map knowledge, precise aim, strong communication and clever ability usage to win the matches, all of which take time to develop.

Even if Valorant is hard, especially for noobs or beginners, you do not need to be panicked and discouraged to play the game as this page will be provided with some tips to help you get to grips with the game a little faster.

  1. Steady your aim

Whatever your mouse setup, it is important you are keeping your crosshair at around head height as you traverse the map and try your best to avoid letting it wobble all over the place when moving. You will not be able to keep it at this height all the time, but this about optimally positioning it at all times. By following this you will give yourself the best possible chance of landing the shot if you are confronted by an opponent, as you will need to make minimal crosshair adjustments.

  1. Walk as much as you run

You make a lot of noise when running around, which is able to easily give away your place. If you are pushing a site or looking around the map, do not forget to make sure you are walking so the opponents will not be able to pinpoint your whereabouts.

  1. Stop and shoot

This one is a must for Valorant. In most cases, you will want to stop moving before you start pulling the trigger. If you walk or run while shooting, the accuracy can drop dramatically. You can try and get into the habit of stopping before shooting.

  1. Use the shooting range

It is a tremendous boost that can help to sharpen your aim and makes for a great warmup routine.

  1. Communicate with your team

Even if you are not a loud player and a bit shy, you do not have to deliver a speech. It is important to deliver key information to your teammates, and you are able to do so with a few choice words.

  1. Patience

The game called Valorant is not your typical run and gun. It is all about careful, considered teamwork. Aside from that, it does not take much to eliminate someone. For most part, you are recommended to take your time when roaming the map and not being afraid to hold positions if you have found a great angle.

  1. Run faster with your knife out

If you know for particular you are in a safe place, switch to your knife to run as fast as possible to reposition. It is useful if the opponent has planted at a site and you are nowhere nearby. You might worry a little bit about being caught out by an enemy, but it is able to save you valuable time to counterattack or get aggressive.

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