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Omen is one of agent in Valorant. This agent is clouded in mystery and he has specialization in covering the battlefield and his enemies in darkness. He has the ability to teleport around the map. Is Omen your favorite agent in Valorant? If so, you surely want to see or even have some fan art of this agent.

If you want to find the fan art of Omen, you are able to find it on Deviant Art. In that site, you are able to find some Omen fan art. You can search it in the Search bar of the site by using ‘Omen Valorant’ as a keyword. Then, do not forget to hit the Search button or Enter on your keyboard.

Another site that you use to find Valorant Omen is Art Station. In that site, you can search the Valorant agent by entering the keyword such as ‘Omen Valorant’ and then hit the Search button or Enter on your keyboard. In Amino, you can also find fan art of Omen which was created by NotedWin. There, you can find some fan art in different shades.

Omen of Valorant has some abilities and those are listed below.

  • ¬†Shrouded Step

This is the basic ability and it costs 100.

Equip a shadow walk ability and you are able to see its range indicator.

Fire to start a brief channel and then you can teleport the market location.

  • Paranoia

This is a basic ability and it costs 200.

Fire a shadow projectile instantly, reduce the vision range of all players it touches briefly, this projectile is able to pass straight through walls.

  • Dark Cover

This is a signature ability which is free.

Equip a shadow orb and you are able to see its range indicator.

Press the ability key to be able to throw the shadow orb to the location which is marked, creating a long lasting shadow sphere that blocks vision.

You can hold primary fire while you are targeting to move the marker further away.

You can hold secondary fire while you are targeting to move the marker closer.

  • From the Shadows

This is an ultimate ability which costs 7 points.

You can equip a tactical map.

You have to fire to start teleporting to the chosen location. While teleporting, Omen will come up as a Shade which is able to be destroyed by an enemy to cancel his teleport.

You have to press the ability key again to be able to cancel the teleport.

With a combination of purple, black and grey, Omen has a great appearance. And the purple veil with lighting eyes on his dark face make him mysterious. If you like this agent, you are able to have the fan art that you are able to find in the sites that we mentioned earlier. If you like drawing and you also have some fan art of this agent or even other agents of Valorant, then you are able to upload it on your social media or on the sites above.

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