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What’s new in Valorant?

Definitely, Valorant always keeps updating for new features to fix and maintain the gaming system. Valorant regularly released the new patch notes which contain the improvement of the gaming system, the new features and also fixing any issues which may often happen.

In this case, the patch notes role to make the gaming system of Valorant to be better performance. When Valorant released the patch notes, of course, you will get some awesome features. Certainly, each patch notes present the different features and system so that Valorant keeps updating to get the best one.

As one of the hottest games in the world, of course, it leads Valorant to have the best performance not inferior to competitors. That’s why Valorant always keeps updating to release the new patch notes containing any amazing additional features from older versions.

Certainly, Valorant has released some patch notes which present the amazing features in each update. Of course, to make your more understanding with its patch notes, here, we are going to share the lists of all Valorant patch notes shown in the below!

Valorant Patch Notes

Valorant Patch Notes 0.50

This patch note comes to give faster performance than my Iron rank placement. There are some updates released by Valorant. They are:

Gameplay and Balance

  • Weapon Updates
  • All Rifles: Vandal, Phantom, Bulldog Automatic Fore, Guardian
  1. Machine guns
  2. Ares
  3. Odin
  • Agent Updates
  • Sage
  • Cypher
  • Omen
  • Viper
  • Brimstone/Phoenix/Viper
  • Agent Ability Credit Cost Tuning
  • Agent Armor
  • Max Credit Map
  • Character Updates: Sove
  • Map Updates: Split, Haven and Split/Haven/Bind
  • HUD & UI
  • Quality of Life
  • Bug Fixes: In-Game
  • Bug Fixes: Game Client

Valorant Patch Notes 1.01     

This patch note continues to give effort to improve the performance. It focused on a smoother combat experience as well as additional support for high spec machines.

  • Gameplay and Balance: Sage
  • Map Updates: Ascent and All Maps
  • Spike Rush Update: New Orb Types and Misc.
  • Performance Updates: Combat Perf., +FPS on Mid to High Spec
  • Quality of Life
  • Bug Fixes

Valorant Patch Notes 1.0

Gameplay and Balance 

  • Agent Updates: Sage, Raze, Jett, Phoenix and Omen
  • Sound Visualization (Audio Attentuation)
  • Map Updates: Introducing A New Map: Ascent, Split and Haven/Blind/Split/Ascent
  • Competitive Mode Update
  • Performing Updates: Combat Performance, +FPS for mid to high specs and FPS for low to mid specs
  • Quality of Life
  • HUD & UI
  • Bug Fixes: In-Game and Game Client
  • Known Issues

Valorant Patch Notes 0.47+

This patch note is in a closed beta.

Gameplay and Balance

  • Agent Updates: Melee Damage, Raze and Sage
  • Map Updates
  • Quality of Life
  • Bug Fixes

Valorant Patch Notes 0.49

This patch note comes to fix any issues that often happen in Valorant. A new improvement definitely can make the system better.

Gameplay and Balance

  • Agent Updates: Omen and Sage
  • Character Updates: Omen and Breach
  • Map Updates
  • Competitive Updates
  • Observer Mode
  • HUD and UI: In-game and Out-of-game
  • Quality of Life
  • Bug Fixes:
  1. In-Game: Phoenix and Viper Cypher
  2. Game Client

Well, in this chance, we just share the Valorant patch notes in outline. Of course, to know more of the details of each patch note, you can read it at

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