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The game called Valorant is out, marking a huge milestone for League of Legends developers named Riot Games even at the time when many other developers are delaying the releases and announcements.

Valorant is here, a fast-paced shooter aimed at the esport crowd, mixing hero shooter systems with the twitchy gameplay of Counter Strike Global Offensive. There are currently 23 positive reviews and 4 mixed reviews on Metacritic. The user reviews, however, are a different matter.

Valornat currently sits at a 5.6 on the user review score, with the usual distribution that you might expect from a bombing campaign: some positive reviews, some mixed, and then a lot of zeros. The negative reviews of Valorant mention technical performance, frustration with anti cheat software, and graphics, and while it is always impossible to say definitely that there are some people behind it, the most positive review to the beta does not really square with such an overwhelmingly negative response on Metacritic.

Valorant has always been an interesting game. This one appears laser-targeted at Counter Strike Global Offensive players, and that might make some of the issues. The fan bases of competitive FPS can be intense, tight-knit, and toxic, and a lot of negative reviews refer to Valorant as the look alike of Counter Strike Global Offensive. In fact, it does not take all that a lot of people to review bomb a certain game. It is not difficult to imagine even a loose effort producing a result like this.

It does not matter what happens to Valorant, the thing is just starting out. Any esports focused game can take years to get established, and so it is going to be a while before people get some notion of what it is actually doing. Generally speaking, even if you have got the esports chops of a company such as Riot Games. The rise in popularity of Counter Strike Global Offensive speaks to that, in a broad way. Once a certain game gets established, it can be difficult to unseat.

Right now, we can wait for more critic scores to balance out those user reviews. However, Metacritic only matters so much anyways, especially for free to play games. Anyone is able to just go ahead and download it to see for themselves.

The creator of Valorant called Riot Games should not be concerned in the slightest by negative user scores. Just look at League of Legends. A lot of users have review-bombed League of Legends for years, and the game still remains as one of the most popular esports.

Valorant will take the same route as League of Legends and be a successful game. As stated before, the thing is definitely just starting out. Now, a lot of players from the other popular esports have already jumped ship, and tournaments for the game are already cropping up. Once again, you need to make sure to check out the game for yourself before jumping to a conclusion, believing the reviews that might be biased.

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