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What things have you bought from Valorant shop? Some of you may have bought some items but some others may have not bought any items. Well, you may wonder about the prices of the items in the Valorant shop whether they are cheap or expensive.

If you want to buy items from the Store, the first thing that you need to have is Valorant Points. Valorant Points are able to be bought by using real-world currency by clicking on the Valorant Points icon which can be found to the right of the Store tab at the top of the main menu. Then, in the transaction screen, you have to choose which bundle of Valorant Points that you want to buy along with your preferred purchase method. Here are the bundles of Valorant Points on offer.


  • 475 VPs: $4.99
  • 1000 VPs: $9.99
  • 2050 VPs: $19.99
  • 3650 VPs: $34.99
  • 5350 VPs: $49.99
  • 11000 VPs: $99.99


  • 525 VPs: £4.99
  • 1100 VPs: £9.99
  • 2250 VPs: £19.99
  • 4000 VPs: £34.99
  • 5800 VPs: £49.99
  • 12000 VPs: £99.99

Valorant Points can also be used to buy tiers which you need to get XP to unlock. According to Early Game site, Valorant also offers a bonus when you purchase a bigger package. In case you select the biggest package of Valorant Points, you will get a whopping 1,410 Bonus VP on top. Here are the payment options which are available in the Valorant Shop.

  • Instant Bank Transfer
  • Paysafe Card
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)

However, there are some payment methods which are unavailable including:

  • Neosurf
  • Micropayment (only affects DE)
  • Daopay & Boku (pay by call)
  • Qiwi & Leogaming (it is only Yandex which will be available in RU)
  • Primeiropay debit cards (it is only Primeiropay credit cards which are available in BR for now)

Since the Shop uses rotation system, so you have to check the items which are available there including the price. Some other things which can be found there are cosmetic skins, content bundles, and character unlocks. They are available for you to buy. The prices of them range from 200 Valorant Points (VP) for a character unlock to more than 5000 for the Reaver Bundle.

Here, we provide you a price list of some weapons.

Valorant Sidearms

Shorty : 200

Frenzy : 400

Ghost : 500

Sheriff : 800

Valorant SMGs

Stinger : 1000

Spectre : 1600

Valorant Shotguns

Bucky : 900

Judge : 1500

Valorant Rifles

Bulldog : 2100

Guardian : 2700

Phantom : 2900

Vandal : 2900

Valorant Snipers

Marshal : 1100

Operator : 4500

Valorant Heavy Weapons

Ares : 1700

Odin : 3200

Well, as mentioned earlier that the system of the shop is rotation so you are able to check the shop everyday to see the items which are available in the shop and of course to check the price of the items which are available at that time in the shop.

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