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How long have you been playing Valorant? You may play this game not long time ago since this game is new. Therefore, there are a lot of things that you do not know about the game. One of them is about Valorant Shop rotation. It is important for knowing about this game so that you will know what you can do in the game.

In Valorant game, Store or Shop is a place where weapon skins are able to be bought by players. They are able to buy the things there by using Valorant points. They also can buy them using Radianite Points. However, it is important for you to know that not all skins are available at the same time. It is because the store uses a rotation system. So, the available one is the only one collection bundle per week and individual skins rotate every couple of days. It means that if you see something interesting in the store and you like it, you can buy it at that time.

As mentioned above that you are able to buy something in the store by using Radianite Points. Do you know what they are? Radiante points permit players to evolve weapons skins. If you have unlocked specific skins, you are able to use these points to be able to unlock additional levels of the weapon. Every new level of the skin will add new customization like new effects, audio, animations, and other color variants. Radianite points are able to be earned through completing Battle Pass challenges. Also, you are able to buy Radianite points through the Valorant store. How about Valorant Points? It is the premium currency that you are able to use to be able to unlock content. Valorant Points are also able to be bought by using real currency in the Valorant game client.

According to Play Valorant site, the store in Valorant game rotates weapon and melee skins in two sections including Features and Offers. The Featured section will rotate every two weeks. And the Offers section will rotate every 2 – 3 days.

Since Valorant is an FPS game, so you will often spend your time to look at your weapons. It also means that making unique skins is the main source of customization. You are able to get them in the store through Contracts and the Battle Pass.

This game is still new and some of you may just play this game for several days. So, you are able to get accustomed to the game first and learn the game. It is natural if then there are the things that are still strange for you. If you play the game again and again you will be familiar with it. If you need some other information about Valorant or if you have something that you do not understand in Valorant, you are able to read some articles in this site since this site is one of sources that you can use for finding information about Valorant. Or you are able to search some Valorant forums. In the forums, you are able to ask about the things that are still strange for you or the things that you do not know and understand.

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