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One of keys to win fights in Valorant is to learn the Valorant spray patterns and how to be able to control the recoil for all of the weapons. As you know that in Valorant, there are a variety of weapons and each of them has different recoil and spray patterns.

Therefore, you need to learn the spray patterns and recoil of weapons in Valorant game and here we provide you the information about it.


Up to ten metres this cheap SMG is a key part of the Valorant economy. It is very good for landing a sustained spray with. But, over long distances, it is impossible to use. In case you want to stretch it to mid-range or if you want to make your short-range accuracy better with it,  you have to swing low and left with your mouse like a mirrored L shape with a curve.


This weapon has only 13 rounds in the magazine and you really have to make the most out of this full-auto machine pistol’s modest clip. The spray pattern of this weapon creeps up and to the right for the first four shots, and then jumps up and right slightly for the remainder of the mag. You are able to make this a lot more accurate. How to do that? You can gently drag down and left with your mouse. You are able to mitigate the recoil jump and you can do that by shooting in six-round bursts.


Its recoil of it is so easy to keep under control for the first ten rounds. The thing that you have to do is gently pull down and you will find you are pretty much hitting centre until halfway through the clip. Then, you will have to hold the downwards left mouse position and switch quickly to the right and then back again. The pattern that you draw with your mouse must be like a mirrored ‘7’ where you retrace the short part of the ‘7’ for the second half of the mag.


The mirrored ‘7’ figure is somewhat helpful. Why? It is because the spray pattern definitely shoots up and to the right, however, getting the timing right for when the recoil shoots left and then right again is evading us. There is also a slight kink in the long part of the ‘7’ figure, which you have to factor in. About 20 metres is the maximum effective range for firing this full-auto with any accuracy.


Some shots of this weapon are nice and easy to land up to 30 metres. If you have a plan to sink a whole mag with it, you have to draw straight down and then flick to the left when you get to your ninth or tenth shot. After that, steer right slightly and back left. This pattern looks like a tall upside T.


For this weapon, a mirrored 7 where you must trace back along the short arm for the last ten rounds of the mag is the basic spray pattern to draw with your mouse.

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