Valorant Support Ticket (How to Submit)

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Valorant is the name of a tactical shooter that sees you and your teammates square up against 5 other Agents in a one-life-per round, first to 13 firefight. This one is not just about the gun skills. You will have to utilize unique abilities, strategy, and finesse to outwit and outstyle your enemies, all while planting or defusing a Spike threatening to erupt.

For more information about Valorant, the official website of it is the best source. If you have any questions, you can go to Valorant Support. There, you will be able to find some categories that you can choose to find the help that you need. Those categories include Valorant Basics & FAQs, Purchases & Earned Content, Installation & Technical Help, and Known Issues & Fixes. Actually, above those categories, you are able to find some options such as Purchase History, Useful Error Codes, Change My Region of Residence, and Refund Unused Content.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can submit a ticket. Submitting a ticket means submitting a form so the representative of Valorant can respond to you. Then, how to submit a ticket? First of all, you need to click the Submit a Ticket button. In the Submit Request page, you can choose a request type. Here are the options:

  • General Game and Feedback
  • Technical Issues: Install, patch, lag, or crashes
  • Purchases & In-game Content
  • Billing & Payments
  • Contracts/Missions/Rewards
  • I’m having issues with Riot Account Region/Shard Assignment
  • Recover my Account
  • Report a Player
  • Discuss Personal Suspension or Restriction

If you choose any option other than Recover my Account, you must be logged in before you are able to submit this kind of ticket. If you choose Recover my Account, you will have to enter some information such as your email address, region, language, login name or username, your Riot ID, your current email address, your date of birth on the account, last time you had access to the account, the creator of your account, all possible emails used to create account, account creation date or recall a significant game event around the same time, location where the account was created (city, country), and some questions. Then, choose the games you play on the account. The options are League of Legends, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and Team Fight Tactics. The next thing that you have to do is to write the subject and write the description. If needed, you can also attach the attachments. After that, please press the red Submit button. Before clicking the Submit button, make sure you have filled in everything.

Please keep in mind that in the interest of the safety of the support staff of Valorant, you may experience delays in ticket responses due to the current events. If you want to check whether your ticket has been replied or not, you can go to My Tickets page. Something will pop up and you will be required to sign in by entering the username and password.

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