Valorant Version Mismatch Fix

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A lot of gamers who were not able to participate in the Valorant beta are now diving into the game for the first time as the full version of the game is finally released and available across every region. As with any other main game launch, this one has been beset by particular issues. One of the largest problems is in the form of error codes that pop up for players trying to enjoy the game.

Valorant version mismatch error is known as one of the issues that has been faced by several players who tried playing the game since the newest Valorant update 1.0 went live. Each user who has been attempting to squad up with their friends have encountered the bug.

Servers in EU, SEA, and APAC went down moments after the game had officially arrived, and soon went into emergency maintenance. It was to deal with the instability that Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, had observed earlier. Now, all the servers are back up and running.

Then, how to fix the Valorant version mismatch? Valorant version mismatch issue is one of the issues that also appeared during the closed beta of the game. This one was arising due to the fact that different regions were operating on different game versions. It was essentially caused due to staggered patch releases with particular running an outdated version of the game client.

How to update the game called Valorant? The developers of Valorant named Riot Games have fixed the problem with a patch update. However, in case you are still running into the Valorant version mismatch error, you and the player that you are inviting will have to close out of the game and restart the client. This thing will prompt you to download the newest version of the game. If the prompt does not appear on startup, you will have to re-download the game.

Once again, you can try to play the updated version of Valorant by checking the game version in the game. To access it, you just have to go to the top left corner of the game screen and then to the main menu of the game client and you will be shown your game version. If the version is not the latest one, then you just have to install the latest patches, and you will be good to go.

However, it seems like the new update has not arrived, and your region is yet to receive the newest patch. In this case, you will not be able to fix the problem right away if you are looking to squad up with players in another region. You will actually need to wait until the patch is available for your region. If Valorant is running the newest version of the game and you continue to face the same issue, you may try to download the game or run the installer again in order to pick up the newest patch update. Once updated, you would not face the Valorant version mismatch fix.

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