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If you like playing Valorant, you may be familiar with Viper. She is a Valorant agent and she can deal with poison and acid, burning down and suffocating her enemies. She does a good job of entry denial on defense and she is able to use her gas to facilitate pushes on offense.

She is one of the best spike planters in the game because of her ultimate Viper’s Pit. Also, she is able to clutch out situation that would have otherwise been lopsided. Viper has some abilities including:

  • Snakebite. Snakebite is a projectile canister that can explode when it hits the ground. It can leave a pool of poison which slows agents walking through it and deals damage like a molotov.
  • Poison Cloud. You are able to throw a grenade which can emit toxic gas after you reactive the ability to turn it on. It will be able to emit gas until you turn it off or until you run out of your toxic fuel. It acts like a smoke grenade and molotov by obscuring vision and dealing damage to agents in it.
  • Toxic Screen. It is the same as Poison Cloud, the effect can be turned on and off. You can fire a line of toxic gas emitters which can be fired a very far range.
  •  Viper’s Pit. Viper will create a huge cloud of toxic gas after selecting a spot on the ground near her. It acts like a room or building since you cannot see through Viper’s Pit.

Talk about Viper agent, you may want to know where you are able to see some fanart of it. As you are able to see that this agent is very cool. She has a short hair with black and green color of costume with a black mask on her face.

If you want to see some fanart of Viper of Valorant, you are able to access some sites which provide fanart. Those are Deviant Art, Art Station and some others. In the Deviant Art, you are able to download and share the fanart. In these sites, you just have to enter “Viper Valorant” as a keyword in the search bar of each site and then hit the Search button or Enter. Then, you will be able to see a lot of Viper Valorant fanarts which are awesome.

If you like one or some of the fanarts in these sites, then you are able to download it and you may be able to make it as your wallpaper. On Twitter, there is a Valorant Art account @ValorantArt where you are able to find any fanart of Valorant characters. Now, this account only has 478 followers since it is created on March 2020.

In the Youtube account Peta Rusev, you can see a Viper Character Animation. If you want to make a fan art of Viper Valorant, you are able to watch some video tutorials about it on Youtube to learn. But, if you think that you can make it by your own without a tutorial, you can make it now.

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