Valorant Weapon Tier List

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As a Valorant player, you may wonder about the Valorant weapon tier list. This is important for you to know about it because if you know about it, you are able to choose which weapon that you are able to use best when you play in the game.

In the list below, you are able to see the list of weapons which broken up into tiers based on their usefulness in the current meta.

S – Tier : The Best Weapons

  • Operator. This sniper is a beast. Any shot to the chest or head is a one-shot kill. You are able to use it for a quick trigger finger and a great shot.
  • Vandal. It offers one-shot kills to the head with decent hipshot accuracy. You can do it even in a long range. It is the awesome gun to dominate the corners of the maps in the game.
  • Phantom. It is a silenced assault rifle which has higher accuracy than the Vandal. It deals less damage at a distance. However, it can maintain accuracy with consistent fire for a bit longer.

A – Tier : Stronger

  • Spectre. This is a silenced sub-machine gun which is worth your money.
  • Guardian. It offers a one-shot kills to the head. The only downside to the Guardian is the fire rate which must be maintained to keep it accurate.
  • Sheriff. It can provide excellent firepower during a save round.
  • Marshall. It is still a strong choice for you with great accuracy. It has the ability to kill an enemy without armor in one shot.

B – Tier : Good

  • Ares. It provides a good fire rate with a manageable amount of spread.
  • Odin. It is good for defense. Even though the fire rate starts slow, when you continue to fire, it will speed up.
  • Ghost. It is great secondary for a save round. If you use it, two headshots will kill a fully armored enemy.

C – Tier : Average

  • Judge. It is great for Jett mains or anyone who plays aggressive and focuses on flanking the enemy. It is able to struggle in most other situations. However, it can be a good choice for around where funds are lacking.
  • Bulldog.  It touts the highest fire-rate and a handy burst secondary fire which has great accuracy. Unfortunately, the damage output is on the lower end. However, if you are able to fire first or get the perfect angle, it can be a decent option.

D – Tier: Below Average

  • Bucky. The benefits of Bucky are the same as the Judge. But, the trade-off is a slower fire rate.
  • Frenzy. It can be handy in a pinch. However, it has the small clip and low damage output.
  • Shorty. It is really only useful early game if you cannot stand the classic and want something with a little more punch. Two rounds and a large spread makes this gun pretty useless for use on more than one enemy.

F – Tier: Weakest

  • Classic. It is the pistol everyone will begin with after death and the beginning of the match.
  • Stinger. It provides very little upside to its small damage output and high spread other than the occasional save close range.

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