What Are the Different Portals in Minecraft

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Playing Minecraft absolutely cannot be separated from the name of the portal. However, portals in Minecraft are generally used as a door to travel between two worlds in different dimensions. Certainly, no wonder if many Minecraft players really want to know how to use the portal in Minecraft.

What is Portal in Minecraft?

A portal is a 5x4x2 construct that there will need to be an air gap between portal entrances to ensure a distinct portal. Well, you are able to stack two portals on top of each other, share obsidian blocks and the same goes for placing them side to side. So, you can have a sheer wall of portals from void to sky with a one-block air gap to the next wall of portals.

In Minecraft, there are two portals: The Nether and The End. Then, the differences between two portals will be explained below!

The Nether

A Nether portal is a manufactured structure which acts as a gateway between Overworld and Nether dimensions. When you in the Overworld or the Nether stand in a nether portal block for 4 seconds, of course you will be taken to the other dimensions.

The Nether portal should be built at least 5 blocks high and 5 blocks wide. The blocks here will create a copy in the nether. After that, you can grab your stuff, and enter the Nether. If you first enter the nether, you automatically will see that there are a lot of monsters such as zombies, wither skeletons, blazes and many more.

The Nether portal is also divided into three sections, they are:

  1. Nether Portal (Block): It is the purple, indestructible, transparent, vortex-animated block which fills in a nether portal.
  2. Ruined Portal: It is the naturally-generating formations of obsidian.
  3. Funky Portal: It is the April fools portal which is created by throwing a book and quill to a nether portal.
  • Funky Portal (Block): It is the indestructible, transparent, vortex-animated block which fills in a funky portal.

The End Portal

In fact, this is a much more difficult portal. Moreover, this is a specific formation of 12 End Portal Frame blocks which create the structure used to travel to the End.

The end portal can be found in the naturally generated strongholds in your world. You may get lucky and see a fully activated portal when you walk in, or you could just place an Eye of Ender in all the empty slots. When you enter you will get teleported to the end to fight the final boss, the ender dragon. That’s why the End Portal is a difficult portal to use.

The End Portal is also divided into three sections, they are:

  1. End Portal
  • End Portal (block). This is  black, indestructible starry-animated block that fills in an end portal.
  • End Portal Frame. This is the indestructible block  found in sets of 12 in strongholds which should be activated by entering an eye of ender.
  1. Exit Portal. The exit portal from the End framed in bedrock.
  2. End gateway. This is the portal to the outer islands of the End framed in bedrock.
  • End Gateway (block). It is the full-cube black, starry-animated, indestructible, block that fills in an end gateway portal.

Well, those are the differences between all portals in Minecraft.

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