What Does the Enchantment Soul Speed Do

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A new enchantment called Soul Speed has been added to the Minecraft Nether Update. Some people are curious how it exactly works, as it is able to be a bit complicated at first. basically, the enchantment speeds players up when walking on either Soul Sand or Soul Soil.

Unlike the other enchantments in the game named Minecraft, however, you are not allowed to obtain this on boots by simply using an enchantment table. Instead, you will have to trade the gold ingots with Piglins so that you can get a hold of pre-enchanted boots or a book with the enchantment on it.

Actually, the enchanted books with the Soul Speed enchantment are also able to be found from chests in Bastion Remnants, but they are currently the only way of earning the enchantment. For those who want to know exactly how the boots work should read on, as there are a few things worth noting before enchanting away.

0.9 (Soul Speed Level) * 0.125 is the formula used to determine the speed increase of the player is 0.9 (Soul Speed Level). Substantially, if you want to figure out just how much faster you will be you need to multiply your Soul Speed Level by 0.125 (or divide it by 8) and then add 0.9. Following the order of the operations is important and you have to also multiply it before adding or else the formula will not work. It means that the Soul Speed I make you move 2.5% faster, Soul Speed II makes you move 15% faster, and Soul Speed III makes you move 27.5% faster. Take note that the bonus only applies when moving on Soul Sand or Soul Soil, and it negates the movement penalty applied by Soul Sand so you will move the same speed on both surfaces.

Those who are making use of Soul Speed for faster overworld travel should be tired that the enchantment does degrade the boots of the wearer, even at a minimal rate. Whenever you step on one of these two blocks, there is 4% chance that the boots will lose durability. Apart from that, taking damage or falling will also still damage the boots, so despite this seemingly relatively low, Soul Speed boots are able to break faster than one might think.

There are a host of uses of Soul Speed has a host of uses, and for reference, a 27.5% increase to movement is more than a Potion of Swiftness grants, making this no joke. You must want to be cautious about breaking the boots, but the Unbreaking and Mending enchantments both do wonders to counteract the steady degradation caused by Soul Speed.

In short, Soul Speed allows you to walk at increased speed over both Soul Sand and Soul Soil when it is applied to boots. It is unlikely your boots will lose durability with every Soul Soil or Soul Sand you walk on when wearing the enchanted boots, meaning you will have to keep yourself supplied with Soul Speed enchantments.

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