When Do Valorant Weekly Missions Reset?

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You may be curious to know more when Valorant weekly Missions will be reset. Certainly, there are many other Valorant players who wait for the latest information that informs them about Valorant weekly missions.

In this case, Valorant weekly mission reset can be something important that every player should know.  Why?

  • First, the Valorant weekly mission reset will make the challenges and track any progress stopped.
  • Second, you probably will get something error when this Valorant weekly mission is reset.
  • Third, By knowing the Valorant weekly mission will be reset, definitely you can know how long you have to complete the missions on offer each week.
  • Last, when the Valorant weekly mission will be reset, of course, you can have any preparation to get it back when it has been reset.

Well, those may be enough for you as the reasons why you should update for the latest information about the Valorant Weekly Missions Reset.

Then, talking about the time when the Valorant weekly missions will be reset, definitely there are lots of information from any sources that inform you about it.

When the Valorant Weekly Missions Will Be Reset?

As we got information from Reddit, the weekly missions in Valorant will be reset every Tuesday. Of course, it is the same day as weekly mission resets in Destiny 2, Runeterra and other games.

Unfortunately, there is no exact time of the weekly mission reset in Valorant. Furthermore, it will take place every Tuesday in the afternoon at least around 1:30 PM BST.

Moreover, based on what we have known so far, the weekly mission reset will take place in the afternoon of Tuesday.

To give you the information in detail for some regions, the Valorant weekly missions reset will take place at around the following times in every Tuesday:

  • 1:30 PM PDT
  • 1:30 PM EDT
  • 1:30 PM UTC
  • 1:30 PM BST
  • 1:30 PM CEST
  • 1:30 PM AEST

Based on when the Valorant weekly missions will be reset, as far as we can inform that it will be updated at around 1:30 PM or sometime in the afternoon. It seems that the weekly missions in Valorant will take place at the same time based on your region. It does not matter where you live. Then, we certainly will update this guide when the Valorant weekly missions officially will be reset.

As we have known that the Valorant weekly mission is a great challenge to have a chance in earning an extra bit of XP. In Valorant, you will live as the Agents to complete some goals. In this case, the Agent will have all missions to help any progress along your contracts.

So, if you do not give as much XP or weekly missions in Valorant, automatically, it is a sure fire way to ensure that you must keep progressing.

Need to know that the weekly missions in Valorant tend to be simpler allowing to earn a little extra XP on the reg. So, that’s why knowing when the Valorant weekly missions will be reset is totally a must for you.

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