Why is My Aternos Server Laggy

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Aternos refers to one of the most commonly used portals that provides the fans of Minecraft with free servers so that they are able to run their own network. Everything here is free, as the motto of the company: Minecraft servers 0 free – forever. In other words, this one will be free as long as Minecraft is free.

There are about 13 million users and 400,000 gamers who use Aternos each day, and the server has been in the field since 2013.
Aternos is such a good server of Minecraft. However, it is not perfect as you want it to be. Sometimes, the server lags. This kind of thing definitely bothers you while playing the game. What makes it lagging? There are some possible reasons of why is your Aternos server laggy, some of them include:

  • Too many players and not enough RAM.
  • Too many mobs or items and not enough RAM.
  • You are too far away from your server.
  • Too many worlds are running on your server without enough RAM.
  • Errors are spamming in your console.
  • Too many plugins running on your server and not enough RAM.

Before submitting a ticket, it is better for you to check for console errors first. Most lags are able to be easily fixed with a Google search and you try to fix your server by yourself. First, check if you have any errors in your console. If there is any, this maybe the cause of the lag. Second, try and troubleshoot these errors. Google is your best helper. In case you see End of Stream with a severe tag, please do not be alarmed. It is not an issue, unless it is spamming in your console.

The next kind of lag is server lag. This one is known as TPS or Ticks Per Second. It is game ticks and is a maximum of 20. 20 TPS is hardwired into the game as the universal speed. It means the smallest amount of time possible, maybe the one that can be distinguished from the perspective of the game. Keep in mind that every tick causes the game to recalculate directions of mobs, as well as growing crops adjusting the direction of the mobs, and so on.

If Aternos is lagging, you are recommended you reduce the view distance of your server from the default 10 to a value between 6 to 8. The second method is to clear the lag. Another option is to remove plugins. The more players and plugins that you have means the more RAM you will need. If you have several plugins and not enough RAM, you will overload your server, causing it to have lag spikes and or crash. The best option that you can take is to limit the amounts of plugins you need to run the server, as some of them such as Survival Games can use up to 1GB of RAM. If it is still lagging, feel free to submit a ticket.

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